About Kirklees Wellness Service

Our service aim is for people living healthier, happier lives and feeling more able to look after themselves.

We support adults 18 years+ on a one-to-one basis to develop personally tailored health and wellbeing goals.

Wellness Coaches work with people using motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques to refine goals and plan change.

The Service is delivered Kirklees-wide and appointments take place in local community venues such as libraries and community centres, to ensure we remain accessible. We also offer appointments on evenings.

So what is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching emphasises a ‘person-centred’ approach when supporting individuals, using skills to build a rapport and encourage the individual to set their own personalised goals.

Coaching involves a combination of skills and techniques to achieve this, from excellent use of communication skills, including use of open questioning, to use of the latest evidenced based coaching tools such as the TGROW model.

One of the many other techniques/skills used in health coaching is establishing a ‘starting point’, in which both motivation and knowledge levels will be determined. Use of this tool, combined with the excellent ability to motivate and empower, leads to the increased probability of individuals achieving their desired goal.

A kirklees resident smiling outdoors.
What people say about us
It was great to have supportive suggestions and never feel like I was being ‘told’ what to do……. Instead my successes and failures were met with understanding and encouragement.
Beverley, Kirklees Resident
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