Active For Life

What is Active for Life?

Active for Life is a Physical Activity Recovery Programme. It is designed to enable people who experience complex secondary mental ill health and are currently inactive, to discover the benefits of being more active.

What does the scheme involve?

Active for Life involves you working with a Health Coach to increase your levels of physical activity. Working together may enable you to:
• Find activities you enjoy and which fit with your lifestyle.
• Design, agree and follow a personalised activity plan.
• Develop confidence, learn new skills and improve your fitness.

Throughout the scheme the Health Coach will offer an agreed level of support and encouragement to help you increase your activity levels and enjoy the many benefits regular physical activity can offer.

How much does Active for Life cost?

The basic Active for Life service is free of charge. This includes regular one to one meetings, activity plans, information and support as agreed between you and the Health Coach.
Some activities, including walking and cycling are also free. However, there is a charge for other activities, such as activity classes, swimming and using a gym.

How can I join?

You need to be referred by a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN). They will decide whether your health could benefit from some regular activity and can complete a referral form to enable you to join the scheme.

Your CPN can refer by clicking on the ‘refer to the Wellness Service’ button on the right hand side of the screen.

Refer to the Wellness Service