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Kirklees Wellness Service

Wellness starts with you

Our service aim is for people living healthier, happier lives and feeling more able to look after themselves. We support adults 18 years+
on a one-to-one basis to develop personally tailored health and wellbeing goals. Wellness Coaches work with people
using motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques to refine goals and plan change.

We are here to support you with your long covid

Access our Long Covid Peer Support Groups

Whilst there is still some uncertainty around Long Covid, one thing that can really help, is to connect with others. The Kirklees Wellness Service Long Covid Peer support Groups welcome people to connect, share their experiences with others who are going through something similar.

See our latest group session timetable:
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Stop Smoking How can we help you achieve your goal!

How can we support you to Stop Smoking

Access to free nicotine replacement products including Nicotine Patches, Vaping products and many more.

See our latest drop-in session timetable
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Man Embracing the Sunshine Man Embracing the Sunshine
How can we help you achieve your goal!

How we can help improve your physical health?

We offer one to one support sessions with our Wellness staff. These informal sessions will take place in accessible community venues that will help provide a comfortable environment.

See our latest Walking Timetable
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Lunch Party Lunch Party
Interested in wellbeing self management tools?

Interested in our latest Wellbeing 6 week course?

If you want to feel happier, healthier, worry less and sleep more, then these sessions are for you. The My Wellbeing Course, run by our Health Coaches, is designed to provide wellness clients with the tools they need to be able to manage their thoughts, feelings and emotions to have a positive impact on their everyday lives

See our latest group session timetable
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How can we help you achieve your goal!

How we can support you to manage your weight effectively...

The Wellness Service offers two options for healthy weight support, this could be on a one-to-one basis or through group sessions. Our aim is to help you achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle through changes which are sustainable rather than promoting fad diets and quick fixes.

Find out more about how we can help you
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We can support you in your caring role..

Lets discuss some of the challenges and difficult emotions carers may experience

Carers and the session facilitators discuss and share different ways to manage challenges, stress levels and ideas and techniques carers can use to improve and support their own physical and emotional wellbeing whilst caring for someone.

See our latest Carers support session timetable
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Must read, watch and listen

Project Empowerment

Are you currently unemployed but don’t yet feel ready to start looking for work? We can help you take your next steps with confidence. Our new programme provides tailored support to help you in the following ways: Address your health issues Build your confidence Develop your life skills Develop your work skills by identifying education and training opportunities Help with searching […]

Queer As Smoke

Kirklees Wellness Service has teamed up with the Queer as Smoke campaign Queer as Smoke | The Brunswick Centre to support LGBTQ+ smokers. This campaign was launched by the local charity the Brunswick Centre as part of its work to raise awareness among the community and service providers. The campaign is visible across social media and targeted work at local LGBTQ+ […]

Gambling Understood

Gambling products are designed to keep us playing – increasing their addictive potential. They are designed to make us play more, spend more, and lose more. Get the right help for you, a family member, or a friend. Visit gamblingunderstood.co.uk for more information. Gambling Understood aim is to encourage and empower people to talk and seek further information about gambling harms […]

Kirklees Libraries Website

Visit the new website for the Kirklees Libraries: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE NEW LIBRARY WEBSITE Kirklees Libraries provide a range of books, resources and information to help people improve their health and wellbeing.  We work closely with partner organisations to promote positive health messages and signpost to relevant support. Check out what we have – you might be surprised at what […]

Healthy Start-Thriving Kirklees

A healthy diet during pregnancy is important for both the mother and the development and growth of the unborn baby. Good nutrition during pregnancy and in early childhood helps prepare for healthy adulthood and can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and some cancers. If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be […]

Join the Auntie Pam’s Team and Become a Volunteer

Becoming a Volunteer Join the Auntie Pam’s Team and become a volunteer. If you think you would like to volunteer at Auntie Pam’s in Dewsbury or Huddersfield, or would like more information call 01484 414775 to speak to one of the team or email auntiepams@kirklees.gov.uk and ask for an application form. You can also download a form. You don’t need any […]

KAL Exercise Referral Programmes

Refer to the Exercise Referral Scheme via the below link: CLICK HERE TO REFER TO THE EXERCISE REFERRAL SCHEME   Both KAL’s Livewell and Fitness for Health programmes require a referral from a Health Care professional. Refer to the Exercise Referral Scheme via the below link: CLICK HERE TO REFER TO THE EXERCISE REFERRAL SCHEME  

What people say about us
I’ve become more conscious of how food makes me feel and to make healthier choices. Eating better food has really helped me feel better physically, given me more energy and feel like I can concentrate better…..This is motivating me to keep going and I can see how my mind set is changing
Healthy Weight Group Participant
A kirklees resident smiling outdoors.
What people say about us
It was great to have supportive suggestions and never feel like I was being ‘told’ what to do……. Instead my successes and failures were met with understanding and encouragement.
Beverley, Kirklees Resident
What people say about us
I lost 5lbs during the programme but what I found surprising was that weeks later, the weight had stayed off and I was continuing to reduce my overall weight. I still enjoy the odd packet of crisps and chocolate and no longer see the changes I’ve made as ‘dieting’
Healthy Weight Group Participant
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