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What sessions are available?

Building Resilience

A reflective and motivational session exploring a number of topics to help carers build on their existing strengths and knowledge to be able to look after their own emotional and physical wellbeing and better manage their caring role.

Topics explored include acceptance, managing difficult emotions such as guilt, fear and resentment. We also look at how we can build on our personal resilience through positive self-talk, managing change, challenges and worries and re-connecting with ourselves as individuals in our own right.

Caring for Someone with Memory Deterioration

In this session we explore common symptoms, behaviours and feelings the person you care for may be experiencing.

The session involves discussion, sharing experiences, ideas and strategies. It also explores the challenges and emotions carers in this situation may experience and ways to manage and overcome them.

Individual support 

We can also support you as a carer on a 1-2-1 basis to manage your emotional, physical and/or your social wellbeing and guide you through behaviour change using a number of different approaches including health coaching.

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