Celebrating Our Stop Smoking Clients on National No Smoking Day

As we mark National No Smoking Day, we’re thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of both our clients who have just begun their smoke-free journey and those who have successfully quit smoking with the support of the Wellness Service. Take a moment to meet some of these inspiring individuals who have taken the brave step to kick the habit.

Andy and Kim with their coach Carol

Andy quit smoking in November 2023 and Kim is just starting her quit journey.
Andy attended the smoking cessation drop in regularly to measure his progress and for the encouragement of his coach Carol. Andy also led by example resulting with his neighbour Kim asking about the Wellness Service Smoking Cessation Programme and now facilitating Kim’s access to the drop-in.

Alan with his coach Katie

Alan is just starting his quit journey.
He is wanting to quit for his health and his grandkids.


Amir is just starting his quit journey.
“Really good first impression, looking forward to getting started with my stop smoking journey”


Jess is nearly 2 weeks quit.
“Quitting smoking is hard work but I feel better even a week and a half of quitting, my body feels better and so do my finances!”


Gary is 3 weeks quit.


Jaqueline is 4 weeks quit. 
“Not doing it on your own and having the support is great, the service backed me up on my choices, I feel great!”

John “Stuart”

Stuart is 2 months quit.
Stuart had cut down the number of cigarettes smoked by half on his own initiative 2 years ago but recently wanted support to quit smoking fully for good.



Andrew is 6 Weeks quit.
“The Wellness Service team have been very patient, supporting and empathetic. I have every confidence I will stay smoke free for the rest of my life”

Anne with her coach Katie

Anne is over 3 months quit
Anne has quit because the longevity of her life depends on it. Anne struggled at the beginning but wants to protect her health going forward as much as possible.


Elissa is 3 months quit.
Elissa, has quit smoking since December 2023, previously smoking up to 100 per day. Now smoke free and all in time for a milestone birthday coming up next year where she can now afford to celebrate in style! Elissa attended weekly local drop ins: “I like to blow in the carbon monoxide monitor and see that I am staying in the green numbers, it makes me feel accountable for my actions.”

Louise and Kimberley

Louise and Kimberly are both 3 months quit.
“This journey created a new friendship, we would never have met if it wasn’t for the Wellness Service. We were both determined to do it but having each other for support was great! We have both now completed 12 weeks and are going to provide each other ongoing moral support.”


Their stories of determination and resilience serve as powerful reminders of the journey to a smoke-free life. Let’s applaud their courage and dedication as they lead the way for others seeking to quit smoking.

Be part of the change and help build a smokefree generation. For free support to quit smoking, make a referral today by clicking on the “Refer to the Wellness Service Tab” now. Wellbeing | Healthy Living | Kirklees Wellness Service

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