Coping with Lockdown Lows

It’s been difficult not being able to meet up with our friends, family and loved ones in the same way we were all used to and it’s been more important than ever before to look after not just our physical wellbeing but also, our mental wellbeing.

Something that many have said that is helping them, and has certainly helped me throughout lockdown, is connecting with others. Talking about how you are feeling with a friend or loved one, or even a stranger, can really help you process how you are feeling and can help put things back into perspective.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that I can completely relate to and keep coming back to, because it works for me is, “take care of your thoughts, and this will help you to take care of how you are feeling”.
Being mindful of your thoughts and noticing when you are thinking negatively, can help to change your whole outlook, as well as having a positive effect on how you are feeling by reducing stress and anxiety that often comes when we are overthinking.

Planning things to look forward to, doing enjoyable activities and finding your “go to things” for fun and relaxation can also really help our mental wellbeing. You always feel so much better after having some fun and enjoyment. It can be as simple as watching something funny, spending time with someone who always lifts your mood, doing that activity that you really enjoy or planning that trip to that special place you’ve always wanted to go to.

Food really can affect your mood. It can be hard to know where to start sometimes but making very small changes that you can build on over time, will not only improve your mental wellbeing, but also your physical health. Now that is food for thought.

So many people have been reporting sleep difficulties. Changes to routines and worrying about what the future holds as well as worrying about not sleeping, are some of the things that can impact on getting a good night’s sleep, and over time, can result in further difficulties.

Cutting down on caffeine, sticking to bedtime and morning routines, unplugging and switching off devices, exercising and keeping a journal are some suggestions that can help you get back that much needed rest and the energy needed for the new day ahead and those enjoyable activities that you want to do.

Joanna Long – Wellness Coach

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