How Does Health Coaching Work?

What is coaching?…

Coaching is a technique used to improve a person’s performance.  The Wellness service uses a coaching approach to support people to reduce obstacles affecting their commitment to make lifestyle change and improve their health.

When you can’t see the wood for the trees….

We are often times faced with health problems that can be managed with tweaks to our lifestyle. We cannot always see how to make the changes, or we try but end up back at square one because we make unrealistic goals and decisions.

Coaching can support people to find realistic solutions to making a lifestyle change work for them.

What you will get…

Through conversations and asking questions your coach will support you to discover what you “really really want”. Encourage you to uncover obstacles holding you back from reaching your desired target.

You will be supported to make a plan to divide your lifestyle goal into manageable pieces. From this information you can create small tasks directed to reaching your goal.

Expectations and boundaries…

For this process to work we set out expectations and boundaries these are explained during the first appointment or conversation with coach. We start the process in the way we work, by encouraging all potential coachees to make an informed decision in wanting coaching. If they believe or think it might assist them in achieving the lifestyle change they want.

We encourage people to be honest, communicative throughout they can decide to continue or stop at any point during the coaching process.

We are not a counselling service – we will not work on past trauma. The aim for coaching is to get people to focus on the situation affecting them now, create a goal and take actions for the future.

Your coach will not fix, solve or find a solution or provide you with answers. Fixing someone else’s problem doesn’t work as a long term solution because people are individuals and we usually have the answers to our issues, we get bogged down with worrying about making the right decision.  Coaches will ask you questions and engage you conversation that help you make decisions and take action.

Coaching is a fantastic tool that allows us to recognise people as individuals, people become aware of their own strengths, weaknesses encourages people to find solutions that suits their individual situation.

Through problem solving conversations you will rediscover things you knew but forgotten, learn something new on your own and / or overcome obstacles that you had previously been unable to overcome. We want you to finish with improved confidence in your problem solving abilities. Or at least have some awareness of what you don’t want. When you know what you don’t want its easier to see, find or direct yourself to what you do want.…. 

Erin Blake Senior Health Coach

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