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National Carers Week 10th-16th June 2024

This week is dedicated to raise awareness of some of the challenges carers face and the impact caring can have on all aspects of life including health and wellbeing. It also recognises and values the unpaid support and contribution unpaid carers make but locally and nationally. The theme this year is “ putting carers on the map” Carers UK: 82% of […]

Mental Health for You and Others Course delivered to Kirklees Council YEN

Kirklees Wellness Service delivered the 3-hour Mental Health to You and Others Course to a cohort of staff that are in the Young Employees Network (YEN) supporting their mental wellbeing. As part of Mental Health Awareness week, the Wellness Service worked with Luc Bride who is chair for the YEN to provide support for young employees to support their own mental […]

Project Empowerment

Are you currently unemployed but don’t yet feel ready to start looking for work? We can help you take your next steps with confidence. Our new programme provides tailored support to help you in the following ways: Address your health issues Build your confidence Develop your life skills Develop your work skills by identifying education and training opportunities Help with searching […]

Mental Health Awareness Week 13th-19th May

Mental Health Awareness Week starts this week and the theme set by Mental Health Foundation is “Movement: moving for our mental health.” Physical activity may have many benefits such as getting stronger, fitter or losing weight but it can be very powerful in helping improve mental health in people as well. Statistics provided by Mental Health UK show that people living […]

Celebrating Our Stop Smoking Clients on National No Smoking Day

As we mark National No Smoking Day, we’re thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of both our clients who have just begun their smoke-free journey and those who have successfully quit smoking with the support of the Wellness Service. Take a moment to meet some of these inspiring individuals who have taken the brave step to kick the habit. Andy and […]

Ramadan 2024 – Healthy Eating

Ramadan and Healthy Eating The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when many Muslims across the world fast during daylight hours for 29-30 days. The Islamic calendar is lunar and so Ramadan falls at a slightly earlier time in the year each year. This year Ramadan is predicted to start on the […]

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