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Mental Health Services in Kirklees

Having good mental health is key to living a balanced and happy life and contributes to better physical health. Good mental health support is crucial for everyone no matter what stage. If you are experiencing mental health problems or need urgent help, there are many resources available and there is plenty of support within your reach. Here are many mental health […]

World Diabetes Day 2023- 14th November

More information please visit: Diabetes communication resources :: West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership ( 

Mental Health
Kirklees Libraries – New Website Launch!

Visit the new website for the Kirklees Libraries: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE NEW LIBRARY WEBSITE Kirklees Libraries provide a range of books, resources and information to help people improve their health and wellbeing.  We work closely with partner organisations to promote positive health messages and signpost to relevant support. Check out what we have – you might be surprised at what […]

Help us to create a smokefree generation and tackle youth vaping

Please help to support a smokefree generation and support the health and wellbeing of our children and young people by completing the below national consultation. This consultation looks at the proposals to make it illegal for anyone born on or after 1 January 2009 to ever be sold tobacco products at any point in their lives.  It also includes proposals to […]

Healthy Start-Thriving Kirklees

A healthy diet during pregnancy is important for both the mother and the development and growth of the unborn baby. Good nutrition during pregnancy and in early childhood helps prepare for healthy adulthood and can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and some cancers. If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be […]

Stoptober 2023

‘WHEN YOU STOP SMOKING, GOOD THINGS START TO HAPPEN’ Stoptober is back, calling on smokers in England to join the 2.5 million others who have made a quit attempt with the campaign since it first launched. Over 5 million adults in England still smoke, and it remains the biggest behavioural cause of preventable illness and death, with 64,000 deaths a year. […]

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