Platform1 Case Study

Case 1 – Ben and Anna

Ben works as train driver and often visits Huddersfield. He had seen the Platform 1 project from his train. He went to the site after seeing the levels of activity when our pacer train was delivered. In September, he asked for a look around and offered his support. Because we had a volunteer co-ordinator in post, she was able to talk about what we want from out team of volunteers.

After the application process and checks were made, Ben became a registered volunteer. As a result, he was able to help and use his knowledge of his pre-existing management of depression. Ben is now setting up an activity based around our new Pacer carriage of Train Driver Simulator through software and monitoring, using the controls that the Pacer has.

This has helped Platform 1 fulfil a function in providing support that directly affects people in a mindful distraction to a crisis.

Ben’s wife has also become a volunteer ! She is a skilled and qualified chef who will provide training and share her knowledge with those who need or want to develop a better understanding of how to look after themselves properly; how to learn the basic skills of self-sufficiency; how to live and eat healthily on a budget.

Both Ben and is wife understand mental health and crisis as they have personal experience.

The money from the grant made it possible for our volunteer co-ordinator to recruit, supervise and a manage two people whose impact is also likely to be massive. Their actions will directly affect people in what we describe as the three areas of crisis, prevention, management or recovery.

Of course, the nice thing is, that this will enable people who attend groups/sessions/training to also help others through peer support – a constant factor for Platform 1. One person is helped, they help others, and they go on to help others. Some of the participants will become volunteers outright, some will be peer supporters.

For more information about Platform 1, or if you need support visit their website.

Refer to the Wellness Service