Thinking of replacing cigarettes with a Vaping Device? We can help you…

Read first-hand experience from someone who recently swapped cigarettes for vaping

I have recently traded in a 10-year smoking habit for an E-Cigarette and it is the best thing I have ever done, but not for the reasons you might think. I didn’t even really want to stop smoking!

I have always said I’d quit, and I never thought I’d have carried on a silly teenage habit way in to my late 20s. I have always known what cigarettes are doing to my health, and it has weighed on my mind. But ultimately, like many others, I felt it was a problem for another day.

Smoking was a hugely social experience for me, with friends, at work, on a night out. Cigarettes on good news, cigarettes on bad news. Cigarettes when bored. For me, like many other smokers, there is no better thought than sitting with my loved ones, catching up, laughing, and drinking with a cigarette in hand. Bliss. So, the thought of giving that up was not a thought I spent much time considering.

However, it was only by chance I had someone place an e-cig into my hand one day – that I became open to the idea of making the switch. To be honest, there was absolutely no way anybody was going to convince me to stop smoking. The prospect of it was filled with thoughts of being left in the pub alone while my friends left for the smoking area or sitting with my friends and watching them all puff the night away, whilst I sat feeling unsatisfied and left out.

E-Cigs became my answer. It wasn’t the 7000 toxic chemicals I was smoking for, it’s the social enjoyment it brings with it. When I put it like that, it made sense to make the switch to the version of smoking which won’t age my skin, yellow my teeth, and ultimately end my life.

I accessed the Kirklees Wellness Service, told them how much I smoked, and asked them to replicate my smoking experience as much as possible. They prescribed me tobacco and menthol flavoured liquid (to mirror my favourite menthol cigarettes), put me on the right amount of nicotine and then had the products delivered out to my house.

I am now 6 weeks cigarette free and have been to the pub with my friends every weekend since. I feel like I’m still waiting for the hard bit – because it has honestly been a breeze. A cliché I know… but I wish I’d have just switched sooner!

As a service, we work in partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research and Totally Wicked to offer Vaping Devices as part of our Smoking Cessation support.

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