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Cycling Sessions at Spenborough – Join us for a friendly and inclusive cycle

Join us for a friendly and inclusive cycle – Bike and Helmets are provided free of charge. Every Monday  (1:00 – 2:00 ); To access this group, you can self refer by completing the online referral form or speak to your coach for further information. Cycling can really boost your mood and can help with managing and improving your mental wellbeing. […]

Pilates or Yoga?

What happens in a Pilates or yoga class? There are mixed ideas about Pilates and Yoga are and what benefits they reap as many GPs, nurses and physios recommend these activities not just for injuries but to relieve stress and improve our mental health. These sessions are sometimes aided with background music and no previous experience is required. The ability to […]

BMR Health and Wellbeing – What is workplace wellbeing and why is it important?

What is workplace wellbeing and why is it important? Written by Lucy Brookes – BMR Health and Wellbeing One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point. While mental health problems are common, most are mild, tend to be short-term, and are usually successfully treated with medication from their GP. Mental health is about […]

20th May – World Meditation Day

We all know how to breathe – it’s something that happens without thought. However, how we breathe, can make a real difference to how we feel (our thoughts and emotions) and how our body feels. When you breathe deeply, your brain receives a message to be calm and relax. In turn, your brain then sends a message to your body which […]

Falls Prevention

Falls can happen in the home and when we are out and about, sometimes they are unavoidable, after all we have all experienced a momentary trip for many reasons and hopefully we recover our balance before we topple and thereby avoid injury. However as we age we can become more vulnerable and at risk of falling, the aging process can lead […]

Health and Wellbeing Academy – Our new ‘Get Set Goal’ Service

Get Set Goal A free service delivered by healthcare students from the University of Huddersfield. Students are supervised by registered healthcare professionals. Our offer We are offering a series of online appointments, of up to 45 minutes each, typically over a 4-6 week period, focussing on improving your general health and wellbeing. Who is this service for? This service is for […]

Kirklees Dementia Roadshow

Wellness on Wheels, drama and a train choir to form part of Kirklees Dementia Roadshow   Facebook Twitter WhatsApp LinkedIn Kirklees Council and partners have developed a unique roadshow in aid of Dementia Action Week 16-22 May. Roadshow locations Throughout the week, a Wellness on Wheels bus will be making stops across Kirklees. This will invite people worried about their memory […]

From cycling to cinema and more!

The Community Investment Fund ‘Do Something Now’ rounded off the 2021-22 financial year in style by awarding more than £50k to Kirklees Third Sector organisations. The funding was divided between organisations from around Kirklees to support a variety of projects and activities for people of all ages. YPD Community CIC have entered into a partnership with our Everybody Active service to […]

What are the benefits of physical activity?

There are many benefits to being active and taking part in physical activity/exercise. Some can be physical, such as weight loss or management, reducing the risk of disease or long-term health conditions. Activity can also be used to manage your health conditions, and maintain independence to carry out individual tasks. However, physical activity can benefit your mental health, such as reducing […]

Platform1 Case Study

Case 1 – Ben and Anna Ben works as train driver and often visits Huddersfield. He had seen the Platform 1 project from his train. He went to the site after seeing the levels of activity when our pacer train was delivered. In September, he asked for a look around and offered his support. Because we had a volunteer co-ordinator in […]

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