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Reading Food Labels

Food labels help us to decide between food products and let us check if the foods we are eating are high in fat, salt and added sugars. Most packaged foods have a nutrition label on the back or side. The information is usually provided per 100g, 100ml and/or per portion. You can use food labels to help make better food choices […]

Healthy Eating Tips

Whilst healthy eating isn’t all about losing weight, it is important to balance the amount of energy coming into your body (through food and drink) and the amount of energy leaving your body (through daily movement). This is known as the energy balance and will ultimately help you manage and maintain your weight. As well as using the Eatwell guide, the […]

Chair Based Exercises

ant to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility whilst at home? Check out this video to see how…

How Does Health Coaching Work?

What is coaching?… Coaching is a technique used to improve a person’s performance.  The Wellness service uses a coaching approach to support people to reduce obstacles affecting their commitment to make lifestyle change and improve their health. When you can’t see the wood for the trees…. We are often times faced with health problems that can be managed with tweaks to […]

Coping with Lockdown Lows

It’s been difficult not being able to meet up with our friends, family and loved ones in the same way we were all used to and it’s been more important than ever before to look after not just our physical wellbeing but also, our mental wellbeing. Something that many have said that is helping them, and has certainly helped me throughout […]

Healthy Living – British Nutrition Foundation

Find out more about healthy living by visiting the British Nutrition Foundation website today.

Healthy Eating – British Heart Foundation

Healthy Eating – Reduce your risk of developing heart disease. More information on the British Heart Foundation website.

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